Beer style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 3,8% (33 cl.)
Where did I get it: FLASK
Rating: 5 out of 5 bottle caps. 

For the first ever I am drinking a beer of a marmalade jar. And this beer suits it, so very much.


The aroma
This beer has a wild aroma of raspberry and mint; it is so freaking awesome. The smell is incredible; it smells of a summer in my parents garden when we are picking raspberries.

The taste
It is so incredibly fresh – the taste of raspberries, mint and the aftertaste of liquorice.
Berliner Weisse is the new black, and I love that this beer style can be so ultra-fresh and crisp.

The conclusion
Wow just wow! The abv is at 3,8% and I could drink this beer every day. If you love raspberries, you would love this beer. What’s The Difference Between Marmalade and Jam? #143 is probably the best Berliner Weisse I ever have tasted.
It is so hard to describe because it mostly tastes of raspberries and so much more. I am speechless.

5 out of 5 bottle caps.


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