Beer Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6,5% (33 cl.)
Where did I get it: Birthday present, thanks to Asger and Kasper.
Rating: 4 out of 5 bottle caps.

The appearance
The label of this beer is quite something. The old man is so ugly and yet charming; I think it is Michael Kvium who maybe have made the illustration? Howling Monkey has made a label that I will remember for days to come. The beer itself is orange, hazy and beautiful.

The aroma
Short Straw smells of spices, hops, and has an orange feeling (maybe a bit like Roskilde Festival, though I never been there). I also detect a sweet toffee-like aroma to Short Straw.

The taste
The bitterness is strong with this one. Behind the bitterness a sweetness reveals. The hops have a spicy flavour, which adds a dry mouthfeel to the beer. The carbonation is balanced and the aftertaste is in fact rather short.


The conclusion
Howling Monkey has brewed an old school IPA. I had hoped Short Straw was a fruity IPA, but I got the second best. A dry, spicy and balanced IPA.

4 out of 5 bottle caps.


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