Beer style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 12% (50 cl.)
Where did I get it:, 90 kr.
Rating: 5 out of 5 bottle caps.

When I heard that, Amager Bryghus would release their infamous Double Black Mash, I was not late to order it from who had purchased a large number of Double Black Mash to their web shop. You can still get it if you want!

Take a good thing and make it even better – that’s the philosophy behind Double Black Mash. This huge Imperial Stout was easily big and potent enough after the first mashing, but we thought what the heck let’s give it another spin. So we mashed it in a second time doubling everything that was already good while aiming for great. All grain, heavy duty, no nonsense.
Did we hit what we aimed at? Well, that’s really up to you to decide. If you like it big and thick, this is your kinda beer for sure. – Amager Bryghus.


The appearance
Black, black and black. No lights shine through this black mash. No foam comes naturally to it; I have to push it through, and when done, it is light brown and creamy.

The aroma
What a massive aroma! Coffee, dark chocolate and vanilla are everywhere (We have people everywhere!). Behind the thick sweetness, prevails a bitterness and freshness who give the beer and the aroma balance.

The taste
That mouthfeel!

Double Black Mash is so thick and creamy, but also, a wild and fierce wolf lurking behind the soft facade.

Pilsner, Pale, Munich, Roasted barley, Carahell, Melanoidin, Light chocolate, Caraaroma, Crystal and Black are the malts, which take my mouth as a hostage. The booze is pointing a gun at my head and forcing me to drink. “Drink! Goddamit, drink!” It shouts. I look up and starts drinking the beer. It is so dark and extreme; I drink and drink, and I have suddenly reached the bottom. The wolf hauls to the moon, and I joins in.


All these malts taste of chocolate, liquorice and coffee. The alcohol is very much present but never does it becomes the dominate factor. It brings balance to the dark side.
The aftertaste is long, sweet and dense.

The conclusion
“If you like it big and thick, it is your kinda beer for sure.” I like it big and thick, so it must by my kind of beer.
Double Black Mash 2016 is rare and Amager Bryghus’ most exclusive beer, and I am glad that I have tasted it.

5 out of 5 bottle caps.


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